Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Survival Training

As it was Spanish today for D, J and I spent an hour in the park with one of the other mum's and two of her children.

J brought his survival kit with him as he wanted to test his fishing skills. He didn't try them out today, but I was very pleased that he enquired from the park keeper as to the need for a fishing licence. The park keeper didn't know, but directed him to the Post Office. When J went to check, he can get a licence when he is 12. It will cost £5 for a year.

In Spanish, D and the others did some more work on colours and learned the names of some animals.

Afterwards, we went into Sheffield to the main library. J got out a Ray Mear's book about food in the wild and has ordered some of his bush craft books. He really seems to have got the "survival" bug. I wonder if he will get the chance to put his skills to the test anytime soon.

They did come home and made catapults and spears from the offcuts of the bush that the neighbours were cutting down. Not sure if they will be any good for catching food!

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