Monday, 15 September 2008

Fungi Galore

D did his Spanish homework and then we decided we would take advantage of the dry day and go for a walk. This time we walked up to the top of the hill and across the fields before cutting across to the woods. It was so lovely to stand at the top and look for miles 360 degrees around. As D said, you wouldn't believe we were in Sheffield.
Today is going to stay in our memories for the numbers of different fungi we found. I had read we were in for a bumper crop this year because of the amount of rain we have had, and they were right. We couldn't take a step without seeing more. I can't remember ever seeing so many. Hopefully, we can spend some time tomorrow and identify them. I will come back and add the names of those we can find. This one was a browny yellow on the cap, though you can't see it from the photo.
These toadstools started white and spotty, but as they matured they went a darker yellow/orange/brown.
This bracket fungus seemed to be a treat for the resident slugs and snails, plenty of evidence that they had been snacking here.
This one was well hidden. The surface must have been sticky as this soil and leave litter was stuck to it. This was a warm orangey yellow colour.
This fallen branch was beautiful with it's frilly skirt.
This bracket fungus looked good enough to eat. J said they looked just like marshmallows.
You can see them growing up the trunk of this tree.
This was a different type of bracket fungus. The others had been pure white, this one had a brown top.
D found this group. Bright yellow little toadstools growing off the base of a trunk, surrounded by brambles.

As I was fighting my way back out of the brambles I almost stood on these little, spindly brown ones.
J liked this leaf suspended between two trees. It was doing a little jig in the wind, dancing in a spider's web.
As we were walking through the woods, we kept getting showers of leaves. A sure sign autumn is on it's way.
D spotted this strange fungus. It was like a brown stain spreading on the underside of the branch.
The pattern and form of this frilly fungus was fascinating.

We saw plenty of squirrels too. I think they were busy putting away their supply of acorns.
The boys loved today. As we were walking through the woods, they said this was their biology lesson. What a wonderful classroom to learn in.

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