Tuesday, 16 September 2008


This morning J was doing creative writing on an Internet game and D was trying to get a tune on his keyboard by ear. Very peaceful, I don't think. Mind you, this is something I could never do.

Today MIND was all about setting goals. We realise as adults we need targets to work towards and it is the same for children, but all goals needed to be

S - Specific

As parents, we then had to set ourselves reachable targets so that the children could see how we were able to meet them, so they could follow our example.

My goal is to complete, ready for posting, a fabric postcard I need to do for a fabric postcard I am involved in. This will mean I will have to sort out materials, buy some essentials and get the idea from my brain onto fabric.

The children had a good game of basket ball for the first hour, then the second hour they continued the discussion on the different food groups and discussed MEND friendly and unfriendly food.

J was pleased to receive his card that entitled him free swimming for the duration of the course. I think he is planning on trying to go at least twice a week.

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