Thursday, 18 September 2008

Memorable Weather

As there has been so much on the news about hurricanes lately, we did some work on weather today. What was amusing was both boys drew pictures of rain/floods and spoke about the "great British weather" and a summer of rain. There was nothing about the sun at all!

As it was a sunny day, with bright blue sky, the boys did spend some time outdoors. They were trying to use a flint and striker to start a fire. I think they both came to the conclusion they were not yet ready to test their survival skills.

This afternoon the boys had a game of football for the first hour of MEND. The parents were discussing alternatives to watching television, computers and playstations.

The second hour was nutrition for the children. They learned about the difference between refined and unrefined foods and which was the best of them. They learned the importance of wholewheat carbohydrates. The food challenge for this week is to eat wholegrain bread, pasta or rice. We already do this, so this is not a challenge for the boys. The challenge is going to be to find some food that is "MEND" friendly and that they can try for the first time. This might take some time as we have always tried lots of different foods. I will let you know tomorrow as we are going to go shopping tomorrow to see what we can find.

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