Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Long Stitch

When I was sorting out the storage unit in my bedroom a couple of weeks ago, I found this kit. I was going to keep it to one side for D, but J asked if he could have it. I was delighted.

D was busy with something else this morning, so J decided he was going to make a start. We had a cosy hour sat on my bed, J doing his stiching and me knitting D's jumper. I came in very useful for threading the needle.
This is what he was able to achieve this morning. It is all long stitch. J can't wait to get to the really long stitches.
After lunch, we went to the park. The boys were doing time trials running around and climbing trees. We even came home with bits of wood the boys had found. J wants to cut the logs up to put on the barbecue. I think they are looking for an excuse to have another one.

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