Sunday, 6 July 2008


There was a PULSE event at Hillsborough park today in conjunction with Hallam FM and Unison to mark the 60th aniverary of the NHS.

It had been raining all morning but it did dry up by the time we left. However, no sooner had we arrived at the event, the heavens opened. The shelter by the army paintball range was very full, not for customers, but for shelter from the rain. Ten minutes later it was glorious sunshine.

In the Unison tent they had a display of some old medical equipment

Not sure I would like my blood pressure taken with that!

You may remember a couple of weeks we went to the Green Fair and the rain we had then. The same falconry team was here today, and after the downpour they were able to enjoy the sun.

No wonder they were hanging their wings out to dry. The boys had their photos taken with two of the birds. They both chose owls to hold.

There was a group there teaching circus skills and the boys got involved with the rope climbing and trapeze. Here is J on the rope.

D went on the trapeze

J was also interested in the retired greyhounds that were there. Apparently they are always looking for people to home greyhounds after they are no longer able to race. We are going to look at their website. The boys have always wanted a dog, so once our cat population has dropped, I have said I would consider having a greyhound as I have heard they make great pets. The two that were at the park yesterday were lovely dogs.

The last thing we did before we left was to go to the colour dome. There is more info on their website at Colourscape. It was a series of tubes that led to a bubble where live musicians were playing. We found we didn't like the red tubes, but the light blue ones were very relaxing.

On the way to the bus stop we stopped by the memorial at Hillsborough Football Stadium. The boys had heard of the disaster that happened their, but this was the first time we have had the opportunity for them to stop and look.

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