Thursday, 3 July 2008

An Expert Fisherman

I had to go into the craft shop on the way to swimming, so while D and I went to have an explore, J went and sat in the park to read his book.

Just as we were coming out of the shop, I received a phone call from a really excited J. While he was reading, 3 squirrels came up and started to explore the bags. He was over the moon to be so close to them. By the time we got there, only this one was remaining.

We had enough time to go and sit by the pond before we were due at the leisure centre, so we sat and had our sandwiches surrounded by the geese and enjoyed just letting the world go by.

It took a little while to notice that a heron had come to the pond. He was sat on a piece of wood out from a wooden post and it looked as if he was standing in midair. We weren't really close enough to be able to get a decent picture but if you double click on the photo, you may be able to pick him out.

After about five minutes surveying the neighbourhood the heron started wading under the trees by the island in the middle of the pond. This was most appropriate as J had been asking how herons feed and we had a good demonstration by the bird himself.

Seven times his head went down into the water, and seven times he had fish to swallow! The most successful fisherman it has been our pleasure to watch.

J had been interested in knowing how herons behave and how they choose their partners, so I think we may do a little project on herons.

Swimming was very shortlived today as one hour after they were in the pool, a very large school party turned up. It was like an invasion. I think the boys were a bit disappointed they had to leave, but D in particular wasn't happy with so many in the pool. Never mind, they have had two three hour sessions the last twice they have been, so all in all, they've not done too badly. However, this is likely to be the last home ed swimming session they will be going to until September. The boys will be staying at their dad's when the next one is due.

That meant we were home a little earlier than expected-time to read the new books that arrived this morning. They are reading the Beast Quest series so will be interesting to see how they enjoy them.

J had his first trip by himself into town today. Mum sat at home worrying and he came home with a big grin on his face, he thought it was excellent and can't wait to be able to do it again. It's hard seeing them grow up and gaining independance, but good at the same time.

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