Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Horrible Science

D had a nice surprise this morning. Two books arrived for him from the Horrible Science collection. One was Blood, Bones & Body Bits which is right up his street.

This book has a wonderful format as there are sliding puzzles on each page with amazing facts under each piece.

He took the other book out with us today to read on the bus, he is absolutely fascinated with it.

We had a wonderful time at the cinema and thoroughly enjoyed Mamma Mia! We all had a great laugh.

The boys got some bits and pieces they needed to do their notebook covers and D also came home with a tie dye kit.

I had a really bad headache when I got back, so I didn't take the photos I should have. D started it tonight. First he rolled the fabric and tied it with die-infused laces.

This went into a bowl of hot water with dissolved salt. After 15 minutes or so this was removed and the fabric was rinsed in cold water. At the moment the fabric is hanging on the line drying.

Tomorrow I will take a photo and show you the results. I think he is going to make it into a teddy.

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