Sunday, 17 May 2009

Week of May 11th

Another busy week this week. As I had to go to the council offices on Monday before the woodland session began, we left early and treated ourselves to lunch in the cafe at Rivelin Park.
After lunch, the boys met up with the others in their group and made their way for the first lesson. They were given walking sticks and some small wood samples on cards to help identify wood and to show what the qualities of that wood and what it was used for.
They have made a start at cutting logs to make seats. This is going to be completed over the next few weeks. The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and can't wait to go back. J has said that Monday and Wednesdays are his favourite days at the moment.
Wednesday is a favourite as, after D has Spanish, they both have a dancing class in the afternoon. This week J had a new partner as his usual one wasn't able to attend. They did the chachacha, samba, waltz and then started on the tango. The street dance routine they are doing is also getting longer. This week, it wasn't a total wipe out of the girls against the boys. I think some of them had been practising.
We had an unexpected day home Thursday as D had a stinking cold. His poor little nose is literally red raw. J and I weren't too disappointed as the rain came pouring down, right at the time we would normally be sat at the farm. We didn't miss getting wet one bit!
Friday morning, D and I went to a card workshop at a local craft shop. This is what Daniel made.As the other adults there were quite taken with D, we are going to be doing a few more together over the next few months. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
He was back there Saturday morning for Fimo Club. Here is the bear he made. He was so chuffed that he had made the bow on the parcel without any help.
The next fimo class he'll go to is during half term, so not too long to wait.
Weather permitting today, we will be going to a woodland fair at out local woods. Doesn't look as if I am going to get my Sunday off today.

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