Thursday, 7 May 2009

Bank Holiday weekend and after

D went camping for the weekend with friends to Edale in Derbyshire. He came back with a collection of fossils so he was very happy.

J and I went to Heeley farm for lunch Saturday, and then had a look at the iron age exhibition. J had a go at working the bellows that was helping to heat the furnace for melting copper. Unfortunately, they couldn't get it hot enough while we were there to cast it.

D managed to come home early enough Monday morning to clean the bedroom. The boys rearranged the furniture too. Seems they take after mum who keeps moving the furniture around.

Here are some of the decoupage that D has been doing. He still has to finish them, but he has done quite well with these. Look forward to seeing them completed. Wednesday was D's Spanish lesson and then dancing for both boys. The new dance this week was the waltz. It is going to take a little practise for it to resemble the graceful, gliding dance we are all used to. It is certainly great fun to watch them all.

The street dance routine is getting increasingly complicated. They are doing all so well to remember it and they perform it with so much attitude. It's great.

Today is swimming and art. It's going to be a very long day, but I have my camera ready this week to hopefully get a record of what D does.

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