Friday, 8 May 2009

Art Gallery

Here is a collection of the art that D produced yesterday, and this wasn't all of them. I can't believe how much they all produced in an hour and a half.

Before we went to art, the boys had swimming and there was even enough time for the boys to go on a climbing wall before D had to be at art class.
J and I went to the farm and were delighted that the sun was shining. We even managed to get there before the cafe closed and got a drink. The kid that we saw last week just after it was born, was now outside. It was lovely to see the progress it had made.
We had a treat in the evening too, we had fish and chips for dinner. I didn't fancy cooking dinner at seven in the evening.
Today was ice skating. J is now quite proficient at going backwards so has done well.
When we got home D did some more of his decoupage. If I can find the right cards for them, he might be able to complete them.

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