Monday, 10 November 2008

A lesson in biology

I think we are going to have a relatively relaxing week if we can. Both the boys are still under the weather and J is really lacking in energy and feels weak when he is trying to do anything. Didn't even complain when it came to bedtime.

We acquired a kitten last week and we were expecting a girl, so when she arrived she was duly named Bella. Apparently a friends neighbour got her, and then didn't want her any more, so up the motorway she came to live with us. During last week I had a few doubts that Bella was a she, but this wasn't confirmed until "she" was sat with me yesterday afternoon.

I told D that Bella was more a Billy than a Bella and he asked the inevitable question, "how do you know?" Hence the biology lesson. Now both the boys have a very clear idea about the difference between boy and girl cats. This morning, we had a renaming ceremony.

J has decided he would like to be a firefighter, so over the weekend he looked at the requirements necessary. He has decided to keep up a fitness routine, work on maths and English, particularly his writing. It is great how much they will do when the motivation is there.

D thought he would like to do be a firefighter too, so this morning both the boys did some maths. D has decided he likes the three column addition and would like some more. It took a bit of time to explain that when he was trying to work sums out, it was acceptable to write the workings out on the paper. He seemed really surprised.

This afternoon we went and had a game of badminton. This had been postponed from Thursday, so I didn't want to change it again. J particularly was exhausted this evening. There was a mix up with the court when we got there, so we are very happy to have receive a voucher for a free court for our next game.

This evening D came and sat with me on my bed whilst I was doing my knitting. He did some more on his cross stitch cushion. Tomorrow I will get a photo to show how much progress he has made.

Tomorrow there are some animals to clean and a session of MEND. This is basically our last working session as Thursday is the farewell party. It will be interesting to see what we will discuss.

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Femin Susan said...

All the posts are breathe taking with the photos..Good Luck..