Friday, 21 November 2008

Not the week we planned at all

We had so many plans for this week. After the boys had been ill we thought we were back in the swing of things this week, but the boys have given the lurgy back to me.

We got to Spanish on Wednesday for D and it was a beautiful morning for J and I in the park. J made himself a net for catching fish out of a long piece of thin branch and netting he found lying under the trees. He has yet to test it.

In Spanish, D did more about birthdays and the date. It seemed quite a mouthful as he was telling us what day and date it was in Spanish.

Thursday, I was too ill to go swimming, so it was a quiet day at home. D got the guinea pigs cleaned out and gave them plenty of hay in preparation for the cold snap we are due over the next couple of days.

Today has been the only day that has gone anything like what we intended.

The boys had ice skating today so we went to the library first. J had another Bear Gryls book to pick up.

D spotted someone selling hot chestnuts. They have seen the pictures on old films of men selling chestnuts from their braziers and I had told them how I used to get them when we visited the British museum when I was a little girl. On a cold windy morning like today, these hot chestnuts were very welcome. We also had a visit to Hobbycraft and the boys have picked up a snow globe each. They have a space to put photos in, so now the next project is to choose and print some photos to go in.

While we were at ice skating, they were advertising some special rate tickets to watch the ice hockey. As the boys have said they wanted to go, we booked tickets today and are going to see a match on Sunday. This will be a first for me too, and we are all looking forward to it.

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