Friday, 2 October 2009


Wednesday D went to Spanish and then we went a gave the man at the library a hard time.  Poor man seemed rushed off his feet with people coming in and the phone ringing. To top it all, J had him looking for and then ordering Lord of the Rings.  Once he had sorted that, D decided he wanted the bread book out again that he had before.  Trouble was he couldn't quite remember the title, but the librarian found it eventually, and it's on order.  Just as he thought we were going, I asked him for a DVD of Romeo and Juliet.  Another computer search, and that is on order.  I think we certainly made him work for his money!

Despite feeling pretty rotten, and not at all like going out for the day, we had a fabulous time in York.

First up was a trip round the Jorvik museum.  I forgot to take my camera which was a shame.  D's face was a picture when he went in because of the smell.  I had a head so bunged up, I couldn't smell a thing!  We enjoyed the way we were taken around the museum.   We sat in capsules and were taken through a reconstruction of Viking York.

The boys enjoyed seeing the bones and all the information they could tell us.  D was particularly interested in how they reconstructed a face from the skulls they found.

We then went to DIG which the boys thoroughly enjoyed.  It was fascinating to see what trained people could read from the remains they found.  The highlight for the boys was the fosilised human stool!  It was definitely one of those things you had to see to believe.  It was huge in it's fosilised state, never mind what it would have been like to pass.

On the way back to the station, we stopped and listened to a busker in the shopping centre.  He was brilliant and considering it was the 1st October and we were sat with no coats in the sun, it was a lovely end to the day.

The boys decided they would like to go back to York for another day out, this time to the York Museum and possibly the Transport Museum again.

Today will be spent recovering ready for another week on Monday.

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