Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Just when you think you're in a routine.....

Last week started really well, but illness struck and it is a slow start to this week.

Last Monday D did some Spanish while J did Polish. J also did some online maths and then we all did some work on renewable energy.   The boys are now identifying which houses have solid walls and which are cavity by looking at the brickwork.  They have decided which forms of renewable energy they would like to add to the house if it was possible.  J even worked out that some forms didn't save the consumer much, but that it was for the environment that these changes were required.  The boys worked really well and we had fun doing it, which is the main thing.

By Wednesday, J's sore throat had progressed and he stayed home while I took D for his Spanish lesson and into town.

J was no better Thursday, so it was only D to go swimming and to meet up with some of the other home ed group.  After swimming, we went to Craftastic to stock up on some supplies, including fimo.

D made his models and gave them all away before I managed to get a photo.  My favourite was a sow with a group of suckling piglets.

Friday saw D with a runny nose and my throat feeling like sandpaper, but we did manage to have a productive day. J did maths online while D did science. He only dropped one mark in the review test he did too. Then J read the first act of Romeo and Juliet while D some physics. They both worked really well and managed to achieve quite a bit.

By Saturday I was really unwell and the boys looked after me really well.  They have both kept me supplied with cups of tea and have helped with the clearing up and the cooking.

I was still unwell Monday and as the schools here were off for teacher training, the boys spent most of the day at the park with their friends.  They cooked dinner between them too.  We are hoping we will all be fighting fit for Thursday as we are out for the day.

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