Saturday, 24 October 2009

Busy, Busy

It has been a really busy 10 days or so.  We have had the Film Education showings, though we were unable to get to yesterdays due to a bus strike.  We got to see G Force 3D, Bee Movie, Star Trek and Hotel for Dogs.

D has still been keeping up with his Spanish and is now doing irregular verbs.

On Tuesday, I spent the day with D and 5 other youngsters at a workshop at Bloc Project in Sheffield.  They had a tour of the studios, met a couple of the artists and had a look at an exhibition.  They then did a workshop with one of the artists and produced a piece of work using the exhibition pieces as inspiration.  The older children had been there the day before, and the two end products were completely different.  I hope to have photos soon, once they have been sent through.

Wednesday, we went and saw Skellig at the Lyceum.  There was a Q and A session with the actors after the performance which really enhanced the enjoyment of the day.  We even had a one to one chat with the actor that played Michael on our way out of the theatre.  J had already read the book, but he has got it out again since seeing the play.  As the play was written by the author, the performance was very true to the book.

As well as all the comings and goings, we have been reorganising D's bedroom.  He is in the box room and he had wanted to have his clothes in there.  We managed to get a canvas wardrobe and some drawers that fit.  Everything came out of the room, got sorted and went back in, a huge task.  He now has his bed, desk, chair, 2 sets of drawers, a wardrobe, bookcase and even space on the floor for a rug!  He must be happy with it as he has gone back to sleep in there and has been doing lots of drawing and painting.

Next week the schools are on holiday.  We are going to get J's bedroom reorganised so we should be ready to get back to work the week after.

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