Thursday, 8 October 2009

The artist becomes a baker

There has been more maths and science work done here.  J has been trying to take the maths he's done online to paper.  The long multiplication looks different on paper, but he soon got the hang of it.  A little more practise will certainly come in useful. 

D finished his science workbook and the final test.  We are going to see if we can find him something else when we go to town today.

D then did some more pictures.  I love the dimension he managed to get with the hole in the ice.  It seemed to work out really well.  He has decided he wants to do art at college so I will be on the lookout for other art courses he can do in the meantime.

The lobster was done using water soluable pencils.

When we went to the library yesterday, all the books we had ordered had arrived, so J was reading Lord of the Rings on the way home.  The afternoon was spent watching Romeo and Juliet.  J is going to write a review. 

The viewing was interrupted by a power cut and D went and prepared Vetkoek, which is Afrikaans for "fat cake".  These are bread balls that are deep fried.

By the time he took this photo, six had already disappeared.  The rest were gone at dinner time.  Although it was a savoury dough, they tasted sweet.  I think they were confusing the brain into thinking they were doughnuts as the outside texture is the same.  I am hoping he will make them for tea on Sunday so we can have them warm with some homemade jam.

He has been going through the whole book, lining up other breads to make.  Methinks he will keep going until the cupboard is bare.

Today, we will be going swimming once we have been to town to find some more art supplies.

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