Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Beginning of November

This month seems to be speeding by without stopping to say hello.

A quick catch up of what we have been doing.

D is now doing Spanish on his own, hopefully a temporary measure until the New Year.  This means J and I are taking him and spending an hour in the cafe.  J is using this time to do History and it has been quite fun to have him on his own to concentrate on something he is interested in.

Both the boys have been doing some baking.  Unfortunately, the results got eaten before any pictures got taken, but Staffordshire oatcakes were a real success.  They went especially well with the honeycomb D bought from the health food shop.

Last Friday, we went to Doncaster Museum.  The fossils and the exhibition on flight were a hit with the boys.  They loved the computer flight simulation programme.  D bought a dinosaur to build and this is the result.

Getting the ribs in the right order was a real challenge.

We've also had swimming and ice skating.  This is the first time the boys have been ice skating for about five months, so they loved it.

It's back to a normal routine here this week, so we are off to take D to Spanish today.

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