Thursday, 17 September 2009

Sheffield Wheel

The boys are back from staying with their dad. They went on several bike rides, but the highlight was the 'Thank You For The Music' concert in Hyde Park. They sang and danced their way through the whole show.

It was back home and to back to home. D had his Spanish lesson yesterday morning,but they had a treat in the afternoon.

We went on the Sheffield Wheel,which is here for a short period of time. We could see the whole of the city and all the greenery that surrounds it.

Sheffield is the fourth largest city in the UK,but every one of it's inhabitants are only a few minutes from some kind of woodland, park or even the Peak District. The spire on the hillside is in fact a column. It's the Cholera Monument.
This shows how high up we were. The shoppers seemed so tiny.

You can see from this picture, how much greenery there is in the city.

The white roof belongs to the Crucible, home of World Championship Snooker. I am determined to get there again this year.

Graves Gallery and Central Library, with the corner of Lyceum Theatre to the left.

The Town Hall

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