Saturday, 19 September 2009

Friday, 18th September

Today saw the start of our new routine for this year. This is liable to change as other activities come online, but at the moment, we have decided to work in the mornings and afternoons are free time.

Friday was a good start. J did his online maths and enjoyed it so much, it was a struggle to stop him when D has finished doing his Spanish.
In a couple of weeks, we are going to see quite a few films as part of Film Education for Schools week. A couple of films have some online resources, so we did the ones for Hotel for Dogs.
After discussing the questions regarding trailers and what they set out to achieve the boys then set about drawing designs for their own inventions for dogs. They will do their own trailer once we have seen the film.
J designed a catapult that threw toy cats for dogs to chase, and D did a conveyor belt that took fresh steak, chopped and tenderised it, then put it into a bowl ready for the dogs.
D was then back to his Fimo. We now have a pig and a lamb joining our ever growing family and then this glorious giraffe.

This is actually a pencil in a holder. D found this quite challenging, but it was well worth persevering, it's fantastic.

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karen said...

these figures are fantastic. How old are your boys? You know I really admire you for home schooling them, you must be a very focused lady! I would get distracted by the washing machine and stuff. Can I ask, what made you decide to home school them? Take care, Karen