Friday, 17 April 2009

Ooops-Before I Forget

I'd better try and update what the boys have been up to. There has been so much going on with life, this has been rather neglected. At least the diary might help to jog the memory just a little bit.

30 March

Final woodland session. Boys made pets from rocks, shelters, purified water, had a fire and cooked popcorn, made a rope swing and generally enjoyed themselves. I know if the opportunity, the boys would love to do something like this again.

4 April

RSPCA open day. We managed to look at all the animals and come home empty handed. This meant I was happy, though J was disappointed we didn't get a dog.

8 April D had his Spanish lesson. He is getting to know quite a few Spanish sentences now and has great fun making up amusing sentences from the words he knows.

9 April J went to spend the week with his dad. Whilst there, he rode over 40 miles on his bike. He has come back very trim indeed.

While he was gone D has been doing some origami, including making these boxes for me to display my cards and catnip pouches. We also have lots of pistols, swans and planes. This is my favourite thing he made, this gorgeous little bear made from fimo. The only help I gave him was to shape the nappy. I think it is absolutely delightful.

15 April J home
17 April The cousins are descending!
If we survive the weekend, normal posting should resume next week. I am sure there have been other things we have done, but I can't remember what they were. I know we have been busy.

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