Friday, 24 April 2009

A very long day

It seems ages since the boys have been swimming so it was great that there were lots of the home ed group there today. It certainly made it more fun for them, but the pool was a lot more crowded than they are used to.

Unfortunately, they could only have two hours in the pool. We had to leave to get the bus across town to go and find where D's art class was being held. We would have found it a lot quicker and easier if the streets had names clearly posted. We walked past the end of the street and then were directed this way and that by local residents who knew it was somewhere, but not quite where. So glad we had left plenty of time for getting lost. When we did find it, it was right near where we had begun!

Whilst D was having his lesson, we went to Heeley City Farm. J had a wander round and has found out he is old enough to volunteer there. He has the name of the person he has to speak to and will try and arrange something.

When we went back for D, we were able to admire his handiwork. They had done three paintings. One each to represent happy, sad and circles. Apparently they are going to make collages using their work and a book. I am looking forward to seeing how it all develops.

Now I've earned a rest, the boys are away for the weekend, Just a shame it takes up all day getting them there!

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