Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Woodland Session

After the last couple of weeks non-stop sunshine, it was a bit disappointing to wake up yesterday to grey skies and showers. In fact, some of the showers were very heavy with the rain almost horizontal with the wind.

The boys were going on a woodland session and it seemed they would have to do it in the rain. However, by the time we left, the grey skies were clearing and though chilly, they had a dry and bright afternoon.

The activities included bug collecting using a pooter, nature art, fire safety rules(needed for next week), finding leaves and cones which was a challenge as the older leaves were rotting away.

D used a tree stump for his piece of art. He used silver birch bark to decorate it using mud as an adhesive. J made a mud man. He used bark for the mouth and acorn tops for teeth. As I wasn't with them I have no photos to share, but they all seemed to have a wonderful time.

I know the boys are particularly looking forward to next week as they are building shelters and having a fire. J has also been told he can take his survival kit with him.

Not sure what we will do today. By the time we got home last night, J wasn't feeling well and unusually for this time of the morning he is still asleep.

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