Tuesday, 3 March 2009

What every garden needs

We were determined to make the most of the last sunny day we are forecast to have for a while and got out in the garden. The garage needed sorting and sweeping through, the back garden needed sweeping and shrubs cutting back.

D was brilliant at keeping the tea flowing and J was catching the bits I was cutting off so they didn't fall and sink in the pond. I managed to cut the shrubs along the back of the pond without falling in, quite an achievement when you can't see where the edge is.

We had a fantastic bonfire last night and managed to clear the rubbish we had.

The children are nothing, if not resourceful. Apparently the garden is not complete without a flag pole. They made their own using a bamboo stick and an old pair of boxers! I wonder what that says about our garden.
D's skateboard snapped yesterday, so now the boys are going around the garage and shed collecting tools and bits of wood and old wheels to make a go cart. It will be interesting to see how far this gets as there have been several aborted attempts in the past.

Once the garden was tidy, we turned our attention to planting some seeds.
D has planted some sunflowers and tomatoes and they are now on the bathroom windowsill waiting to germinate. A few weeks ago they had put some daffodil bulbs in the boiler cupboard and D was delighted to find they had sprouted. They have now been moved to the light.

D said yesterday it makes him happy to grow things. Just as well as he has to start chitting his potatoes today.

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Gaynor said...

I put my spuds out yesterday. I think yoursons are just like mine..have to invent extras to go with any activity...my youngest wanted to hang a certain item of my underwear outside after reading this post..needless to say, I said NO...