Thursday, 19 March 2009

Where does the time go?

I should have updated at the weekend, but I got engrossed in other things as the boys were away. The week before had also been a bit slow as we all had colds in varying degrees.
This meant that J didn't go to his swimming lesson but he went with his dad on Sunday and got some practice in. His final assessment is next week.
D went to Spanish and now is doing time, well, how to talk in Spanish about time. He came home with a certificate this week, so we are all very happy. Good to see his hard work being rewarded.

As you may remember, D had planted sunflowers and tomatoes. Here are the pictures he has taken of their progress.As you can see they are soon going to have to be planted out. We just need to get some more compost. The first potato was planted out today, using up the last we had. D is going to be very busy with this next week.

The highlight of last week was Thursday evening. We went to Sheffield University for a lecture hosted by BOC entitled "All about Air". It was a fantastic hour. The gases discussed were helium, nitrogen,oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide in their liquid and gas state. As you can imagine the highlight was putting a candle to a balloon filled with hydrogen. It was also fascinating to see the fruit frozen with liquid nitrogen. They even answered D's unanswered question about trying to eat it. It was a fun way to learn some complicated facts and we would love to go again if the opportunity ever arose.

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