Saturday, 21 February 2009


We had an exciting package arrive in the post yesterday. We received all these goodies from the Potato Council. They have arranged some grow your own activities with primary schools this year and home educators have been able to take advantage too.
We received 2 Rocket seed potatoes, 2 Vales Emerald seed potatoes and bags to grow them in. There was also a water spout to attach to a lemonade bottle to use for watering. As you can see, D has lost no time in making his.

There are instructions for making a rain catcher out of a drinks bottle and a ruler has been supplied to stick to the bottle to measure the amount of rainfall caught.

Planting takes place next month with the harvest in June. D can't wait to see how much in weight these will yield.

All we have to do now is see how to get some compost here. There are some disadvantages to not having your own transport, and the transporting of heavy and bulky goods is one of them!

If anyone wants details the information can be found at

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