Thursday, 19 February 2009

Better late than never

Generally, during school holidays, D doesn't usually have his Spanish lesson. However, as they have missed so many since Christmas due to the weather and holidays, he had his lesson this week. Before he went he had a revision sheet to do. It is surprising how much he has picked up in a short period of time. They are doing food at the moment, and the combination of items that he is asking if I want, needs a good imagination to want to say yes. Coffee and snails isn't my idea of a treat.

I have made sure he has learned the most important question, "do you want tea?" and I know the answer. Just waiting for him to ask me at home so I can send him into the kitchen to make me a cup.

After months of freezing in the park, I finally found a cafe in the village. It was a great pleasure to be sat inside in the warm , enjoying a mug of tea waiting for the lesson to end. Now J and I will be happy whatever the weather is on a Wednesday morning.

J has spent a couple of days on the sofa not feeling well. He's been able to enjoy it in peace as D has been out.

This morning I took him to an event organised at Sheffield Galleries. It was called Trendy Tudors. The children looked at photos of clothes worn by the Tudors and then went to have a look at the Treasures exhibition at some work done by local children. This was looking at jewelry that they had made. Then it was back into the learning room to make their own. This is the little haul that D came home with. We are going to get some "jewels" for him to finish decorating the hat.

While they were in the exhibition, they also had the opportunity to try on some clothes. D managed to get a complete suit on with matching hat. The battery had died in my camera this morning, so I didn't get any photos.

As we were coming to the end of the session, D asked me how much I had had to pay. When I told him, he said it wasn't bad, in fact he thought it was very good value. He thoroughly enjoyed the session, so I was happy. The staff were also happy, they said it was always nice to have boys come and take part and that he was quite the gentleman.

When we got home, D very generously gave J a necklace and ring as his souvenir!

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