Friday, 13 February 2009

Activity filled week

This week just seems to have passed by so quickly. Seems only five minutes since it was last Friday.

D fancied doing some drawing Monday and he came up with this "cave" painting. He used pencil for the drawing and pastels for the colouring. He then fixed it with hair spray so it wouldn't smudge. I have now got to sort out his art gallery (door to the cupboard under the stairs). It is full, so I will have to take something down and store away safely.
Wednesday was a lovely day for me and J, we had sleet and snow whilst we were waiting in the park for D to have his Spanish lesson. We were rather damp and chilled to the bone by the time we got home.

D is now doing food in his Spanish lessons. He walks around coming out with Spanish phrases. Some other friends of his are now learning Spanish, so he now has other opportunities to practise what he is learning.

We had hardly time to grab lunch and warm up before we had to leave for J to have his survival swimming lesson.

This week they were concentrating on their back strokes and spent 20 minutes swimming with clothes on. They have now done the stamina building lessons, the next four are now for the certificate.

Thursday was the local home education group swimming session, so Thursday afternoon, the boys spent 3 hours in the pool. Where J found the energy from I have no idea.

J doesn't usually like doing anything crafty, but he has given himelf a new project to do. He is building a model from cardboard of his dream house. As it comes along I will post pictures.

Someone mentioned on our local home ed group about an online voucher to print off for bowling at £1 per person. The boys love bowling and it has been some time since we last went. We went for a game this morning. I had a miserable game, couldn't get one strike. J was ahead from the beginning, but with two goes left, D snuck into the lead. As you can imagine, I had one very happy boy, and one very disappointed one. His only consolation was that he had beaten me!

I have been card making and D has been trying to take the kit away from me all week. In the end I let him make one himself and this is what he has produced. Just need the occasion now for him to be able to send it. J and I have been discussing this week what studies he wants to do. He is interested in doing some IGCSE's. I think we have settled on Maths, English Language and Literature and History. D wants to do Biology, I'm not sure if J will do a science.

We are also looking at some Do it For Real summer camps too. Need to save some pennies and see if the camps they want to attend are available. It will be the first time they have done anything like this.

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