Friday, 12 December 2008

Where does the time go

As promised, but rather later than planned, here is a picture of D's Moroccan style tagine with couscous. He even added chopped coriander to the couscous to give it more flavour. It was really tasty and we can only have it again if we let D make it again. Well, I won't say no to that.
The boys finished of their maths and music theory work at the end of last month in preparation for the decorating this month.
They have helped strip wallpaper, sanded woodwork and painted walls and ceilings. They were excellent at emptying the kitchen too, but the timing was all wrong as they were away when it all had to go back.
Whilst he was sorting some bits and pieces out in his room, D came across a weaving kit that I had originally bought for J. He took off the old weaving and set up the frame all on his own and began a new piece. No help from mum was required. When they come back, I will take a photo to show you.
This week D still had Spanish, so J and I got our dose of fresh air. Whilst in the park, J ran around the perimeter path. The first time he took 2 mins 35 secs, and then he managed 2 mins, 30. He is going to try and reduce the time each time we go.
The boys are spending a few days with their dad and grandparents, so I will be continuing the painting on my own. Looking forward to having them back.

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