Saturday, 27 December 2008

Returning in the New Year

Well. we have busy here, but not much internet access.

D went to his Spanish and not only learned the vocabulary for Christmas, but also some of the Spanish customs which was interesting for him.

While he was doing that, J and I had some photos taken in the park. The previous Monday we had done an interview for a local free magazine regarding J's success on MEND. We had been asked if we would be prepared to do the interview and J thought it was great. He is looking forward to doing more.

We measured him today, and he has managed to keep up the good work and has lost more cms from around his waist.

D has been painting again, though I haven't any pictures as we have packed up the front room for painting. J moved back into his bedroom on Tuesday after it was decorated and reorganised.

They spent some time with their father and grandparents and D went on a walk with them. The weather had been very wet and the stream was in flood. They all seemed to enjoy themselves despite the weather.

They have gone today to spend a week with their dad and are hoping to spend a day in London. I'll be able to update you with all their news in the New Year

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