Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Long Stitch Pictures

At the weekend, when we were sorting out the front room, we discovered a lot of projects that were only half completed or needed to be started. We have decided we are going to make a concerted effort to get them done and clear some much needed space.

A couple who live nearby have been very kind to the boys. At the weekend the husband gave the boys some model vehicles still in their boxes which the boys think are really special, so they wanted to make a card to say thank you.

Also, the wife has just been in hospital, so they wanted to make something to cheer her up. We thought these pictures would be an ideal way to do both.

Two of the pictures had already been stitched, but the others needed to the long stitch to be completed. The boys have really got into long stitch. They have found it easy to master and find it satisfying as it sews up quickly.

Once the stitching was completed they had to be made up.

Glue was spread around the inside edges and a ribbon hanger was inserted.
The stitching was put into place in the aperture and then the card was folded over.
The cards were then placed between heavy books to hold into place until the glue had dried.

On this ladybird, the eyes, mouth, antennae and legs were added over the top of the stitching.

D has a bookmark still to complete. J is back to stitching his long stitch cat. This stitching seems to be addictive.


Marie N. said...

Hi Thanks for visiting my blog.

Your boys did a great job on the long stitch pictures. I love the idea of making them into cards. This looks like something we can work on for Grandma's upcoming birthday. Thanks for the idea!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

LOVE the ladybug! What a nice and thoughtful way to say thank you and cheer someone up!