Friday, 15 August 2008

China in Sheffield

With all the interest in China at the moment with the Olympics, Sheffield Museums and Library have arranged various activities.

At Central Library today, there were Chinese stories and crafts. They also saw some pictures of the most intricate ivory carvings you can imagine. We decided we would go and see the exhibition in the afternoon.

Here is D with the Chinese Dragon that he created.

Even though it is breathing fire, it doesn't look very fierce.

We were going to have a look at the exhibition in the Graves Gallery, but J wanted to have lunch first. However, the boys got distracted by this....

They just had to join everyone else and get wet!

It was a lovely warm day so they had fun chasing each other through the fountains. Then it was time for a picnic lunch. By this time, it didn't seem very appropriate going into the gallery, so that has been postponed to another day.

I had to go to The Moor afterwards and you can imagine the boys reaction as we were greeted by this sight

This is all in aid of Yorkshire Water highlighting the importance of every drop of water. We were given water saver pouches to put into the toilet cisterns to reduce the amount of water used when flushing the toilet.

We are going to make another trip into Sheffield to go and see the exhibition. J has ordered lots of books from the library, so we can make the most of the trip into town.

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