Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Family Fun Day - Hillsborough Park

This morning we intended to go to Hillsborough, have brunch, go to pet shop and do a bit of shopping before returning home.

However, our plans changed. As we were walking from the craft shop to the cafe, we were handed a leaflet about family fun day being held at the park that day. As there was a climbing wall there, the boys wanted to go.

After we'd had breakfast and done our shopping we headed to the park.

One of the first activities we heard being announced was the 1km run. Both of the boys wanted to enter.

The queue for the climbing wall was too long to be able to do that before registration for the race, so the boys went to play in the park.

At 12, they registered and then went to play a "golf" game until the start of the race. They had to hit the ball to a velcro target and score points. J managed to get a score of 8, which was the highest at that time.

The boys with their running numbers Warm up in progress with Diane Modahl who was starting the race. She was a British Commonwealth gold medal winner in 1990
And they are off!
J coming over the finish line. Didn't manage to get a picture of D, he came in a group and I didn't see him until he was too late. I was so proud of J, running isn't his thing and I hadn't expected him to take part. Not only did he give it a go, he enjoyed it and would like to do it again.

With their medals and certificates.
Diane Modahl was kind enough to sign autographs. She signed both the boys certificates and numbers.
The next activity was the tree climbing. If you have read previous posts you will know that the boys love climbing trees. However, this is climbing trees like they have never done before.
They were harnessed up, walked along a raised rope, right up into the tree canopy, the jump and go along a zip line until they reach ground level.

This is J when he has completed the course, loved every minute of it and well worth the half hour wait in the queue.

They went up quite a height-a long way back down
After this was the water slide. D managed to coat himself in mud. Apparently he tripped as he was finishing. Guess who has to do the washing? lol
By this time, it was too late to be able to get on the other things they had wanted to do, so they had a play on the bouncy castle before the quiz. Both the boys did well, they got 18 and 19 out of 20.
The boys loved every minute of today and are hoping it is coming to the park in our village so they can go again.
This evening we all sat and enjoyed "Land of the lost jaguar". D was delighted as it showed how a tarantula eats it's food. Now he knows how Nipper does it!

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