Friday, 2 September 2011

College Registration and Gardening

Wednesday saw us back at the college for registration day.  There were a couple of tense moments as those dealing with the registration didn't know why someone at fourteen, with none of the relevant qualifications were trying to register for the courses.  However, these were little glitches, and on the whole, the process was quite smooth.

Jonathan's weeks are going to be very full for this year-Monday am, English GCSE, Wednesday and Thursday, Bricklaying, and Friday am Maths GCSE.

There is a test after five weeks in Maths, and if the students don't pass this test, they are off the course.

English is a whole new curriculum with all class based assignments and four exams during the year.  The book they will be studying is "Of Mice and Men".  We are out today to get a copy so Jonathan can get some advanced reading done.

While this is all going on, Daniel and I have been busy in the garden.  Onion seeds have been planted, and spring cabbages planted out.  We're just waiting for the spinach plants to arrive and they'll go out to crop all over the winter.

Next thing on our list, will be induction day at college next Wednesday.  College for real starts the following Monday.  Once all that is done, I have to start the whole process for Daniel.

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