Thursday, 25 August 2011

France 2011

East Midlands Airport to Dinard

First trip abroad for the boys, first flight
Terror? Nerves

Hysteria, relief, excitement

the view-"Cool!"





Love the clock-Sun Dial

Beach near Carnac

Near Carnac

Swinging through the trees

My other monkey


How do I get this out?  Do I really want to eat these?

In it goes

Savouring the taste

Where Daniel's best holiday friend lives- Toad hole.  Daniel fed him crickets

Sunset on the sea as the boys came home on the ferry

lights at Portsmouth

Both boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience, Daniel especially enjoyed trying the different food, both boys asked for things in shops in French and spent time with French families, playing games.  Language definitely wasn't a barrier.  Both boys would love to go back and are adding different places to their travel list.

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Terry said...

How lovely to see pictures of your boys! Now I can put faces with their names! :0)