Friday, 28 August 2009

Sheffield to Tinsley Canal

Yesterday, we went on a boat trip along the Sheffield to Tinsley Canal which was built in 1819. The weather was very kind to us, it was warm and the sun was shining. Space up front was limited, so I let the boys lo0se with the camera. All along the way, there were plenty of lily pads. Both D and I commented on the way they submerged as we went passed. Among the reeds, there were plenty of brown dragonflies.
There were plenty of bridges to go under, and at one stage we went over a viaduct. It did seem really strange to be going over the traffic. The canal along the viaduct was only just wide enough to allow the barge through. When the bridges were built, bricks were expensive, so they made them only as big as necessary in order to keep the cost down.
The canal was dug out by hand, which seems amazing in this day and age, especially as it is 14 feet deep in places.

This area was covered with lily pads. By the mooring posts were a pair of moorhens. The turning of the barge didn't bother them at all. They just carried on feeding.

On the way back, the boys were invited to the steering cab. It wasn't until I saw the photos that I realised how little space there was through the bridges.

You can see here how little visibility there is from the cabin. The boys came back with lots of facts and figures about the weight of the barge and the displacement of the water. The barge weighed 60 tonnes, so the water pushed either side was 30 tonnes. Being so big, the barge had right of way, as anything smaller was pushed to the side!
The boys have now come back and are calculating the cost of buying and keeping a barge on the water. They have decided it would be a perfect home for us. As they cannot keep a bedroom tidy, I am not sure how they think they could fit into a barge.

Here are a couple of D's latest fimo creations. We have the twins from Ice Age,

and Feathers McGraw from Wallace and Gromit.
They are of to a party this morning. Looks like it will be dry for the bouncy castle.

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