Friday, 21 August 2009

On a baking spree

It's been a few weeks since we posted, but the boys have been doing things. I just have to remember what! It's easy with D as he has been making lots of things.

A couple of weeks ago they both went to a play day at Hillsborough Park. They both got a medal for running the 1 km race. They also had a race on the climbing wall. They got up in 1 minute and back down in 14 seconds. They enjoyed the rodeo, water slide and gladiators. The weather was very kind to us too, the rain keeping of and it wasn't too hot.

We spent a couple of hours one day with some from the home ed group at the Peace Gardens in the centre of Sheffield. We took a picnic and the boys had fun in the fountain. This year we went prepared with towels and changes of clothes.

Here, not in any particular order, are some of the things D has been making. A pergamano card with coloured flowers and leaves.
Although I made the sauce, D made the pasta from scratch, and very tasty it was too. He has also made a sponge two days running. I am hoping we might get a different cake today.

We have also had a glut of fimo models, this is The Neptunian Slug, one of my favourites

Another pergamano card

A pergamano gift tag. I have lots of card stock gift tags, so I think some more of these may be coming up

A fimo Crater Creature

A red dragon

Brown bear

Martian Octopus

Uranium Big Foot-I love the feet on the front.
D has done a couple of fimo classes, one model still has to be baked, so once that is done, I'll post the pictures. There are still 3 weeks before the schools go back, so we are going to enjoy the more relaxed time together.

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