Wednesday, 15 July 2009

D's Art Exhibition

As it was D's last art class last week, he brought home his work. They are in no particular order. D definitely has some that he prefers over others, but they were able to explore different styles and themes. There are a couple of pieces to come, but they weren't dry at the end of class. One of the other mum's will pick them up this week, and we will get them some time during the summer. I will show you them as soon as we get them.

Here is D's collection of art work from the last term.

Many of the pieces that the children did, were cut to size and formed a concertina style book. D decorated the front of his using different colour papers in ever decreasing squares.
I have another version of this striped style on the wall in the kitchen.

The mosaics are made from wallpaper. The print is from a paper doily

Experiments with ink

Of course, it always makes sense to have the title at the back, lol

As soon as we saw this one, we said sound waves, and that is exactly what it was.

The first lesson they had, they were asked to do some mood paintings. This is excited,

and this is sad.

This was done for shapes, obviously circles.

The great thing with what D has been doing, you can see the progress from one picture to another. The class had a vase of lilies on the table for them to use.

This was his first attempt, then one of his teachers, gave him some pointers on how to improve. This was the second attempt,

and this is the one I saw when I walked into the room. I was really impressed that D had been able to produce such a beautiful piece of art.

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