Saturday, 11 June 2011

A lesson in proportion and athletics

Daniel was able to spend an hour or so with Jonny on Thursday.  Jonny is the tutor that ran the art workshops he attended.

Daniel expressed a desire to be able to sketch with more detail, in the manner of Ruskin.  In order to help him. Jonny gave Daniel an exercise in proportion.  His subject was a tiny marigold leaf, and he had to fill the page.  
He didn't have long to work on it, but he managed to get the proportions of the leaves to match.  Since coming home, he has begun a sketch of a pitcher , so hopefully, he can put the lesson he learned to good use.

Now to a different form of exercise, yesterday was the start of a seven week athletics course.  All the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Yesterday was lots of sprinting exercises and races.  Unfortunately, the boys are going to be away and will miss the long jump.  Maybe they can practise on the beach while they are away.

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