Friday, 19 March 2010

Catch Up

Where does the time go?  The last few weeks seem to have flown by, maybe because we have been busy.

The boys have been busy with the usual things-maths, english, history, science, Romeo and Juliet, Polish, Spanish, French, and ICT.

They now have a sports session at the local leisure centre every week during term time.  This block they are doing 8 weeks of trampolining and then a swimming session.  As you can imagine, they are loving it and are trying very hard to get the highest level certificate they can get by the end of the eight weeks.

D now has a tutor coming to teach him Biology.  Science has always been his favourite subject and he has always had questions that go quite deep into the subject.  This has been a learning experience for his tutor also, as she has never taught someone because they have a love of the subject and a piece of paper isn't the objective.  She enjoys being able to go off at a tangent to satisfy the questions D has.  They have had three sessions and have discussed the eye and heart in great depth.  Apparently he's done the equivalent on a terms work.

D was very disappointed that she was able to get a bull's eye for disection, and they had to make do with an orange, but you can imagine his delight when she arrived with this last week.
He had great fun dissecting the heart and seeing how it is all made up.  He was delighted to find out he is a natural with the instruments.  Not sure that he would make the best surgeon though, lol.

Biology will be going on hold for a few weeks now, as his tutor is away, but he can't wait for it to start again.

Wednesday we went to the theatre in Mansfield to see Horrible Science.  Apart from the screaming kids, it was a fantastic show., though D did say he preferred the Horrible History shows.  This was the first Horrible Science show they have put on, so it will be interesting to see how they develop.

Both boys have been under the weather this week, so today will be a relaxing day to recharge the batteries ready for next week.

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